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Michelle Saori is a graphic designer based in Los Angeles. Her work often examines abstract ideas, culture and identity. She grounds her work based on careful introspection, always drawn to designing with an artful eye and substance.




            Revelations is a project about dreaming, creating dreamscapes and the surrealism that is often weaved into it. For my components, I created a book which comprises of several scholarly texts, each chapter is separated by various color gradients and framed with sacred geometry, which changes with the progression of the book. Throughout it, there are small interruptions which represents the disruptions in our REM, providing another extra layer of dimension. 

            Another component I made are some editorial images generated by the collaboration between my friends, a fashion designer (Cory Alexander Milton) who created the garment out of deconstructed men’s shirts, a product designer (Daniel Vi Le) who created the glove, a model (Goldi) and a photographer (Harrison Glazier).